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Mike Harlow Wins Inaugural Season Invitational


Once again things came full circle as we officially brought the Inaugural Season of the Midwest Poker Series to an end on May 28, 2011 at our first ever Invitational Tournament. Mike Harlow, the first player to ever register for an MPS tournament all the way back in June of 2010, was the last player standing as Champion of the Inaugural Season Invitational.

From the beginning of the tournament Mike was running unbelievably good. He eliminated EVERY player at his table and had amassed nearly 25% of the chips in play with two tables remaining. He got a little too aggressive and started playing recklessly and found he stack was down to just over 20,000 before he rebounded once again. By the start of the final table, Harlow had once again amassed more than 200,000 in chips, or just roughly 30% of the total chips in play. From that point, there really was no stopping him and he cruised to victory. Harlow combined excellent play with an extremely good run to claim the title.

Congratulations to Mike Harlow, winner of the MPS Inaugural Season Invitational Tournament


Our Inaugural Champion: Mark Hengartner


We would like to congratulate Mark Hengartner for earning the title of Midwest Poker Series Inaugural Champion. Mark battled his way through 29 players, switching gears often, using the power of his chip stack to imtimidate opponents when necessary. It was not an easy field to navigate, and Mark should take pride in the title of Inaugural Champion. There could only be one. Job well done Mark.


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